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Hawkins Plastering Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the website of Hawkins Plastering

To contact our organization, use the following information:
Hawkins Plastering

Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to our users’ privacy, we disclose all of the information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

Information is collected for the following purposes.
Website and system administration

The following organizations have access to the information
we collect: Ourselves
Subscription to Newsletters

Users who wish to subscribe to Natton e-mail newsletters are requested to provide their contact information (such as e-mail address, among other details) on the website.

Contact Us

The Website has features where Hawkins Plastering customers and investors can submit information to Natton by using the 'Contact Us' facility. Such submissions include queries, feedback, or other information needed to best respond to specific requests. In addition, Hawkins Plastering may retain e-mails and other information sent to it for its internal administrative purposes to help serve you better.

Automatic Data Collection

Our web site uses cookies to enhance how it operates and ensure we better serve our visitors.
Our servers automatically collect logs that may record statistical information such as visitors' IP addresses, type of operating systems, time of visit, web pages requested, etc., and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and browser types. These usage statistics are are used to improve our websites and maintain site security.

The website collects the following types of information:
* Web Navigation information
* Computer system information

Sharing Information

All Hawkins Plastering communications are confidential. We do not share, sell, rent or lease information with third parties.
If you have a question about our privacy policy, or you would like to dispute any information collected contact us using the information contained in this policy.

Safeguarding Security

Hawkins Plastering will take appropriate steps to ensure that personal data is protected from unauthorized access and to disclose, including limiting access to such data only to those employees with a business need to know.

Users should check this policy frequently to keep abreast of any changes.

For questions about this Privacy Statement, contact:

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